Sunday, 30 March 2014

Just keep on Swimming

In the past four weeks I have rekindled a long lost passion for competitive swimming.  I've sat on the sidelines cheering my little one on as she starts her journey in the world of competitive swimming for the entire summer season.  Wishing, wanting to get in the water and race.  Training, not so much.  If only I could race and not train that would be awesome, except I have quickly learnt that it is no where near as easy as it used to be.  If you can picture a 30 something woman, a little more top heavy than she used to be, actually a little more bottom heavy too.  Lung capacity a dismal failure, what lung capacity, swimming as fast as she can, only to touch the wall in a heaving mess, struggling to get enough oxygen back into my lungs, wondering who's stupid bloody idea was it to get back into the pool again.

I make it sound like torture, and even though I have felt like I'm dying (okay slightly over dramatic) some days.  I have really enjoyed it.  Just feeling that rhythm of the stroke as you attempt to swim as fast as you can.  I talked myself to swimming at my daughter's club nights, with all the kids, eek, the first three weeks I turned up for club night only, it felt good to be on the block again, well except for that first one, just had "please do not belly flop" and "goggles please stay on" going round and round in my head.  Thankfully neither occurred and I swam reasonably well.  Managed to push out a 100m butterfly the first week.  Not at the speeds of the good old days but it wasn't too shabby and the kids didn't leave me for dead, so felt pretty pleased with myself.  Well besides the fact that holding a conversation after each race was impossible, minor detail.

I have since signed up for membership with Swimming WA and Masters Swimming WA, meaning I can compete in both competitions.  I have also registered for two competitions coming up next month, the first one with Masters WA and the following weekend a country meet with my daughter in Geraldton, looking forward to sharing that experience with her.  When I make these decisions I most definitely jump in with both feet, that's for sure.  After the last few weeks club nights, I sadly came to the realisation I really need to train if I want to swim in competitions, can't have the glory without the hard work.  I would love to train with the masters, unfortunately I can't make it to any training sessions due to other commitments, so have been going down with my daughter when she trains.  Her coach is my mum, so I just jump in her lane with the little kids, well except for the fact that the head coach usually moves me after a while, no hiding, thankfully I still manage to keep up with the big kids, well mostly. So after 30 years my mum is finally my swimming coach, tell you what that just seems so bloody strange it is not funny.

My other adventure back into the swimming world is finding a pair of bathers that I can wear without needing the support of a bra underneath them, which is what I have been doing up until now.  One club night the referee spoke to me about wearing two bathers, had to quickly inform him that it was in fact not two pairs of bathers, and unless he wanted to see me arrested for indecent exposure the girls definitely needed to be contained in a bra under my bathers.  The joys of mother nature blessing you a lot later in life.  Knowing that when I do finally swim in a competition that I would no be able to use my bra/bather combo I have been on the look out for a pair of sports bathers that are capable of support and containment.  If they look good that would be a bonus too.  I've settled for the fact that all those cute funky designs and thin straps are not for me.  I did however find a pair made by Rival swimwear in a wicked jade green colour that seem to fit the bill.  I have tested them at training during the week sans bra and they seem to hold up or in figuratively speaking. 

I am a bundle of emotions for the coming weekend, excited, nervous, happy, scared.  Really just looking forward to swimming and competing again.  It is most definitely in my blood.
Me, circa 1980s

Monday, 3 March 2014

Oops, I did it again

To steal a line from Brittney Spears, oops, I did it again indeed. 

I have had one of those weekends were all good intentions went out the window and I went straight to bad choices.  I have had a weekend filled with pizza, takeaway Chinese, McDonalds and chocolate and chips.  I know it is a one off but it is not something I do very often.  It just seemed to compound on itself and once it started, the bad choices kept on rolling. 

I am making it sound like every meal was a bad choice, it in fact was pretty much just dinner.  I was slack, I didn't prepare anything for dinner, or if I had I just couldn't be bothered cooking what I had gotten out to have for dinner.  Preparation is most definitely the key. 

I have put a lot of hard work in the last couple of weeks, making the right choices and getting back on track.  This weekend has just been a little speed bump and I am not going to let that speed bump be my undoing.  I ate it, I owned it, I tracked it.  Tomorrow is a new day and the slate is clean. 
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