Monday, 24 February 2014

A swim and a half

On Saturday morning I set the alarm for 4.45am and found myself at the pool, well before the sun was up for a little event called the Virtual Rottnest Channel Swim.  The swim is 20 kilometres in total, I was in a team of four and our swim was broken down into 500 metre lots, we needed to complete ten 500 metre swims each, a total of 5 kilometres per person.  The difference between the virtual swim and the real thing is that I'm not having to deal with stingers, currents, waves and all other sorts of sea life. 

I was a little worried that I may have bitten off a tad more than I could handle.  I'm not as swim fit as I used to be, far from it, sadly.  Training was a little hit and miss before hand, I managed to get down at least once a week before the event.  Unfortunately since the new year has started and the kids have returned to all their sports, I have not been able to continue my registration with the Aussi Masters Swimming Club, something I was looking forward to doing again but just not realistic when I can only get to one training session every three weeks if I am lucky.  This event would be my one and only with the Masters group until some kind of miracle happens and my schedule clears up.  

I took this photo just before I was about to jump in for my first leg.  Wearing our token hot pink Rottnest caps (which I have since regifted to my daughter).  A mixture of excitement and anxiety.  Just not knowing what to expect.  But just maybe a little bit more excited and just wanting to get in the water already.

I went in with a goal of 1 minute 50s for each leg and I need not have worried.  The first leg took a lap or two to get my rhythm, time wise it was definitely my quickest.  The first couple of 500 legs I managed to keep under the 10 minute mark, they started to creep up and over up after that.  Lap 5 and 6 of each leg really started to feel like I was swimming in clay.  The constant repeating of 1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3,4,4,4,4 and so on each lap so I didn't lose count was very monotonous but even if someone was telling me last lap, I'd still be counting as I would have to know how much longer I had to go.   The last two legs I swore I was swimming faster than the time showed but the clock didn't lie. 

All in all it was an awesome morning and six and half hours after starting at 6am, our little team of four had finished the 20 kilometres and had virtually made it all the way to Rottnest.   I felt exhilarated, so much so I celebrated with the most amazing choc caramel slice afterwards, the benefit of swimming with the masters, they can most definitely bake.  I am pumped now to attempt the actual Rottnest Channel swim, all I need to find now is three other crazy people willing to swim across with me and a boat crew.  Would be completely amazeballs if this time next year I can be celebrating swimming across the actual channel, too wicked for words (my shoulders are crying out in protest as I type but who listens to them anyway.)


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