Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Time to change it up, new year, new plan.

It is time to change things up, I am far too comfortable in my current routine and I really believe that it may be half the problem with my complacency and lack of motivation.  As much as I have an awesome group and some great trainers, and it will be sad not to be working out with them anymore.  I feel this is going to be the right move for me.  Even with the issues I'm currently having, my main concerns on leaving my training group behind is whether my commitment to attend each session will waiver.  Right now I pay an additional training fee on top of my gym fees to train with this group.  It's a significant financial commitment and it is definitely enough to keep me going whether I am having a CBF day or not. 

It's a hard decision.    

With that said, I have two ideas that I am leaning towards as my focus for next year.  These being marathon training and body building.  When working my plan I need to work out how serious I am going to be.  I don't believe I am going to be doing body building competitions but I do want to tone up significantly.  And who really knows how I'll feel in 6 months time, I may just like what I'm doing and find the will power and motivation to knuckle down and get the body I need to compete, although I don't know if I can come at that orange spray tan.  I know I can run a half marathon on limited running training, but I am not delusional enough to believe the same will ring true for the full marathon, which would mean a lot more kilometres will need to be covered. It's difficult to do road runs as a single mum as I don't have the flexibility to be able to just leave the house and go for a run, someone needs to be with the kids, this will mean I would need to spend a significant amount of those kilometres on the treadmill.  Which as you can imagine will get boring very quickly.

My first plan of attack is to research, I have two starting points in relation to training programs for both ideas and I also need to pinpoint a goal running event for my marathon.  I am not really keen on the City to Surf course, that one is a bitch, far too many hills.  I hope to have a draft training program ready to go for the start of the new year, which should hopefully coincide nicely with the final term for the year with my training group.  What I want to do is make a nice blend of the body building aspects with the marathon training.  Weights and cardio combination, with a few gym classes thrown in for a little variety.  Don't want to give up on my boxing completely.  As soon as I have something concrete, I'll post up here on my blog and I'll also get someone to take my measurements and get a before photo so I can see any progress.

Excited to what the new year will hold for me training wise, it is always said that change is like a holiday, let's hope so, I do really need it.  Fed up feeling like I am going backwards after so much success.  Scared of heading straight back to that over weight and unhappy girl.  I am not going back there.  This needs to be my ahaha moment.  New year, new plan, new me!!!        
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